Thursday, August 9, 2007

ZOA Criticizes Hevron Expulsion


Go get ‘em ZOA! Yeah!!!!!!!

I’m glad Klein has found his voice once again. I am SO proud of the work he has done in the past year.


( The Zionist Organization of America has issued a statement criticizing the expulsion of two Jewish families from their homes in Hevron earlier in the week. ZOA President Morton Klein explained that the expulsion was a misuse of IDF resources, and sent the mistaken message that Jews do not belong in Hevron. Klein pointed out that while the IDF used 3,000 soldiers to expel two families from their homes, rockets were falling on Sderot.

Klein said that the ZOA does not like to publicly disagree with the Israeli government, but that the government is “making one mistake after another” and ZOA must speak out. The expulsion in Hevron was especially problematic, he said, because the Defense Ministry had originally told families that if they left peacefully they would be allowed to return—an deal later rescinded by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.

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