Sunday, August 5, 2007

Time to bankrupt Peace Now with thousands of Law Suits


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21 Av 5767, August 5, '07

Hareidi Heftziba Clients Blame 'Peace Now' for Woes
( "If not for Peace Now's High Court petition against the Heftziba project here in Modi'in Ilit, the company might not have even gone bankrupt," said Natan Rosenblatt, a hareidi-religious Jew who bought an apartment in Modi'in Ilit's Matityahu East neighborhood. Rosenblatt heads a group of a few hundred hareidim who forcibly took possession of their apartments after Heftziba's woes became apparent.

Rosenblatt told the Jerusalem Post that a High Court petition by pro-Arab group Peace Now froze the sale of hundreds of apartments in Matityahu East for over a year, causing a sharp, unexpected cut in Heftziba's cash flow. Together with other financial problems that plagued the construction firm, he said, the problem in Modi'in precipitated its demise.

Michael Sfard, Peace Now's legal advisor, said in response that he was sorry about the damage and pain caused to the hareidi families. "But we at Peace Now do not regret what we did. We are representing Bil'in residents… in their struggle against Israel's illegal appropriation of their land." Residents of the Arab village of Bil'in claim that Matityahu was built illegally on land that belonged to them.

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