Friday, August 3, 2007

Rabbis issue edict banning mixed shows


OK, there is a SHIDDUCH CRISIS, People! The boys don’t see girls in school, they don’t see girls at synagogue, they aren’t allowed to see girls on the street, and now, even while accompanied by their families, even if seated separately, they are not allowed to see girls at any events.

The Shadchunit are extremely picky, you can’t be over 25, women have to be a size three (I was a size three in kindergarten, I think!), men have to study all day and be at the top of their class and have a father that will pay to support the couple, otherwise, you are out of luck.

OK, so I guess we just don’t have any more marriages except for a select few? And, when they do get married, they have grown up in such separate ways that the men and the women don’t even know how to talk to one another?????

This is sick, really. Creeping Islam, if you ask me.

Judaism has NEVER been like this, EVER! We are supposed to be normal people acting in a normal way, following G-d’s laws and being HAPPY! and HEALTHY! and PROSPEROUS!!!

Unless you are PRAYING (some say only Shema), there is NO REASON to separate yourselves.


Edict bans religious men and women from attending theaters together even if seated separately,7340,L-3433061,00.html
Neta Sela
Published: 08.03.07, 00:04 / Israel Jewish Scene

Rabbis issued an edict on Wednesday barring men and women from attending mixed theaters even though most facilities have segregated entrances and seating.

The edict took effect as early as Thursday when a concert in honor of 82-year-old cantor Ben-Zion Shenker at the Wohl Center in Ramat Gan was canceled.

Organizer David Zaira told Ynet that he had planned to sell over 200 tickets for religious women for whom a separate section was designated. The edict drove Zaira, after consultations with rabbis and other organizers, to cancel the show for fear that making it a men-only event would insult religious women.

Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amr backed the edict, saying that although men and women were seated separately, there was a danger that they mixed outside theaters.

"Since evenings like these allowed for easy debaucheries if not inside then outside theaters, confusion is easy. Therefore music shows, although segregated, are strictly forbidden," Amr said.

Some religious publications threatened that those who ignore the edict and attend mixed shows would be dismissed from religious educational institutions.

Ben-Zion Shenker is one of the leading composers of Chassidic music.

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