Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poll: Only 5% Support Olmert


52% of religious favor Bibi? OHMYGD!

This is definitely an argument for secular education, especially history, to be taught in religious schools.


( Only 5% of the Israeli public support Ehud Olmert serving as Prime Minister, a new poll has found. Most popular to replace Olmert was Likud party leader Binyamin Netanyahu with 32% support. In second place was Labor party leader Ehud Barak with 30%. The Brain Base Survey Institute poll was carried out for the Reshet Bet radio station. Olmert's support has plummeted since the botched war in Lebanon a year ago and following the revelation of numerous corruption scandals.

The poll also found that Olmert is unpopular within his own party. Only 14% of Kadima voters support Olmert, while 33% support Barak and 22% support Netanyahu. Netanyahu is very popular with the religious and new immigrants, with 52% of the religious supporting him and 47% of new immigrants.

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