Monday, August 6, 2007

Marzel: IDF Obscuring Scope of Refusal


The Secular Government needs to come to a reckoning about the whole issue of asking religious Jews to evict other religious Jews from Historically and Religiously significant locations. They can’t use the IDF this way much longer. The population is becoming more and more religious every second, especially in the younger generations, and the “demographic crisis” of religious Jews that the government is so upset about will be upon them momentarily.

My sister has a saying, “Chose to do the right thing, or someone else will start making the choices for you.” The MKs who think they can keep making these bad choices will find that, soon, others will make the right choice for them.

( Former Kach activist and resident of the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hevron Baruch Marzel says that IDF refusal is spreading.

“The IDF is trying to hush up and hide the phenomenon of refusal of orders,” Marzel said. “It is much more widespread than is being reported. We are talking about scores and possibly hundreds of soldiers who are interested in various degrees of refusal.”

About 30 soldiers of the elite Duchifat unit refused orders to secure a road leading to Hevron ahead of the planned forced eviction of Jews from the Shalhevet neighborhood Monday. Five of them have been sentenced to 28 days confinement on their base and face a fine and removal from combat status.

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