Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's raining stars

No need for a binoculars or a telescope to enjoy the meteor shower; just find a spot away from the city's lights,7340,L-3436502,00.html
Dudi Goldman
Published: 08.12.07, 15:11 / Israel Travel

A golden meteor shower on its way: Dozens of meteors (shooting stars) are expected to shine in the night's sky starting Sunday at midnight and ending at the sunrise on Monday.

Meteors are small fragments of cosmic debris entering Earth's atmosphere at extremely high speed. They vaporize due to friction with the air, leaving a streak of light that very quickly disappear. This explains

why they are commonly referred to as "shooting stars." Most of the small fragments of cosmic debris are smaller than a grain of sand, so almost all fragments disintegrate and never hit the earth's surface.

Yigal Pat-El, Chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association explained that the meteor shower will be visible from remote areas away from well lit human settlements.

Several special events will be held across the country including Gamla in the Golan Heights and Mitzpe Ramon overlooking the Ramon Crater in the Negev.

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