Monday, August 13, 2007

IDF backtracks on criminalization of illegal W. Bank construction


OK, I follow this story until the last paragraph, then I have to say . . . .huh?

Is this just poorly written, or did the IDF make this completely confusing on purpose?


Last update - 21:45 13/08/2007
By Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondent

The Defense Ministry and the Israel Defense Forces have moderated an order issued roughly six months ago, which declared that unauthorized construction in the West Bank would be considered a criminal offense.

The order would not have required a warning be issued against the construction, as is common practice inside Israel proper.

The defense establishment revoked the decision after a request made by the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, a group of right-wing attorneys advocating for West Bank settlers. The organization threatened to petition the High Court of Justice against the decision.

The order that has been moderated is one of four orders issued in January by former GOC Central Command Yair Naveh, after a report written by Talia Sasson on illegal outposts built by settlers in the West Bank.

The order would have retroactively brought criminal charges against anyone living in a structure that was not built with permits. The Legal Forum said that the order was an attempt to use Sasson's report to violate the basic civil rights of the West Bank settlers.

According to the amended order, criminal charges will not be brought against those making use of illegal buildings if the construction took place before the said order went into effect in August 2007, if no warning was issued before the aforementioned date and if no addition to an illegal structure was built after the same date.

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