Wednesday, August 1, 2007

'Draft dodgers would lose right to vote'


The left never fails in their creativity when it involves destroying the lives of religious people.

Now, their panic and paranoia stemming from the realization that they will soon be outnumbered by religious Jews and arabs has spawned this bit of legislation: Don’t let religious Jews and arabs, who are exempted from service, vote if they won’t be part of the army. Oh, and I’m sure that also includes those who are disabled, mentally ill, and those arrested for the unforgivable crime of protesting against Olmert and Sharon’s pogrom in Yesha.

Now lets look where this might lead, shall we?

Arabs will sue to fight in the IDF so that they can still vote and get welfare—and we will have an army made up of those who pray and work daily for our destruction. Nice. Forget about any IDF activities to protect the homeland from the terrorists—every order will be broadcast to Al Jazeera.

Haredim will sue to completely separate the genders in order to serve, and also make sure there are no IDF activities on Shabbat and Yom Tovim (which would be an improvement, actually). The leftest courts will deny their claims, demanding that they sit in foxholes with secular women dressed in next to nothing, and desecrate our holy days--or go without a vote and welfare. This will lead to months of bloody protest in the streets where the new arab army, trained by our government, will be allowed to attack our unarmed (because they didn’t serve in the army) religious citizens without restraint, probably on Shabbat and Yom Tovim.

The US and Europe will maintain silence on the issue, suggesting it is an internal Israeli matter (even though NOTHING has ever escaped their commentary before).

Then will come the military Coup d’etat, where arabs will take over the government, and the terrorists will begin pouring over the borders in triumph.

But, this is OK. That’s what the left wants anyway, right?

Too bad they will be wrong about the arabs giving them any help and letting them live because they are their “friends.” They will die with the rest of us—maybe even before us—because, as one of my sons said yesterday, there is nothing in the world the gentiles despise more than a Jew trying to act like a gentile.

Aug. 1, 2007 16:15 | Updated Aug. 1, 2007 16:26

The recent debate over statistics showing a marked rise in draft dodging amongst Israeli youths has sparked a new initiative that would make national service mandatory, even amongst those who currently receive exemptions from army service.

According to the proposed law, which would also apply to Arabs and haredim, those who opt not to pay their debt to society would lose their right to vote and receive welfare from the state. Within the framework of national service, young conscripts could work with organizations such as Magen David Adom and ZAKA, or fulfill tasks on the home front.

The initiative is being championed by former chief of the Women's Corps in the IDF MK Amira Dotan (Kadima,) and has reportedly received the endorsement of academics from Israeli universities and colleges.

"I am in favor of compulsory service for everybody for the same amount of time," Dotan said on Tuesday. "Whether it is in the IDF or in national service, you have to do your share of duty to the country for two full years."

"This legislation addresses our needs as a state," Dotan's spokesman told The Jerusalem Post. "We wish to spark a public debate about rights and duties."

The spokesman also told the Post that there would be no exceptions to the law and no exemptions given. He added that every sector could provide conscripts with posts that would answer the special needs of that community. For example, he said, Arab citizens could lend assistance in educational institutions.

When asked if the new bill could "institutionalize draft dodging" by creating a socially acceptable alternative to serving in the IDF, the spokesman demurred, saying that "draft evasion [amongst Israelis who are not haredim or Arabs] has been and always will be a phenomenon."

He hinted that the new law could perhaps achieve the opposite by providing those who could previously evade the IDF without significant ramifications with another, more pressing incentive to serve. "There will be those who will say: 'I don't want to volunteer in a hospital - I want to serve in the military,'" he said.

"The army has its own parameters to decide who is fit to serve and people will be redirected to national service according to those parameters," the spokesman told the Post.

Yaffi Spodek contributed to this article

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