Thursday, August 9, 2007

Barnard Grad Heads Protest against Anti-Semitic Prof.


Nice article, A7, but completely wrong.

First, the graduate’s name is PAULA not Paul, and you can read her comments at

It isn’t a “proposed appointment,” as the professor is already spreading her fantasies to her students—this is a TENURE battle. The entire page appears to be dedicated to getting this spreader of vileness sacked from Barnard.

Good for Paula!

Hell Hath no Fury like an angry alumnus!

You can write Paula at:


( Israeli writer and Barnard College graduate Paul Stern has begun a petition against the proposed appointment of a Muslim anthropologist, who asserts that the Israeli Biblical kingdoms are "pure political fabrication."

In an open letter to Columbia University and its Barnard College affiliate, Stern charged that anthropology Prof. Nadia Abu El Haj is unqualified for tenure at the institutions. Her book Facts on the Ground alleges that archaeologists have "created the fact of an ancient Israelite/Jewish nation" and that the ancient Israelite kingdoms are a "pure political fabrication."

Stern argued that El Haj's evidence is not professional and ignores evidence pointing to the existence of the Biblical kingdoms and that many statements are made without sources.

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