Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Abused Arab Woman with Knife Asks IDF to Arrest Her


Smart woman. She probably would have been the victim of an “honor killing.”


( A 25 year old Arab woman from a village near Hevron approached an IDF base Wednesday with a knife in her hand. When the soldiers at the gate told her to put the knife down, they were surprised to hear her asking them to arrest her.

She told the soldiers that she had just escaped from her husband, who had beaten her because he suspected her of having an affair. As she spoke, two of the husband's brothers arrived on the scene and asked her to come with them. She refused, and they began dragging her away by force, kicking her and pulling her hair.

The two soldiers rescued the woman from their hands and called the police, who arrested the brothers. The woman received medical help at the base and was then taken by a Red Crescent ambulance to a local hospital in Hevron.

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