Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Israeli Loyalty Oath Slated For Cabinet Vote


It’s about dang time. This is something that needed to happen a very long time ago. We need to make sure that those who wish to become citizens of Israel are loyal to the country, to its existence as a democratic nation, and to it’s historical significance as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Let’s be proud to proclaim that Israel is Jewish. No other nation needs to be embarrassed to proclaim that they are the homeland of this or that group. The Irish don’t shrink from proclaiming Ireland the homeland of the Celtic peoples, Greece doesn’t shrink from being the homeland of the Greek people, Norway celebrates their Viking roots, and Iran proudly touts their Persian history.

Why must Israel be made to feel guilty for being who we are? Why must we be expected to diminish our history, our homeland, our religion, and our link to the land when no other nation on earth can exist without a connection to their past, their history, and their nationalism?

We must stop hiding from who we are and what we believe. We must take pride in our Zionism, or Jewishness, our History, and our homeland.

We need to claim our heritage, our history, our land, and our lives back from the stupidity of “political correctness” and the fiction that people hate us for what we do and not who we are. This is why we are commanded by G-d to read about Amelek every year. It is not human nature to accept the fact that people can hate for no reason. We always search our soul and try to find a way to be liked. But, when we finally realize that there is nothing we have done or could do to change the minds of those who hate us, we must move on.

Who cares if the arabs are offended? They are offended that we continue to breathe. Should we stop breathing to prevent them from feeling offended?

If someone hates you no matter what you do, it can be very liberating because we no longer have to worry about what they think. Nothing will make them accept us, love us, or want to have anything to do with us, so we are free to do as we wish!

We are Jews. Israel is the Jewish homeland, the center of our people, our culture, our religion, and our history.

Just say it.

Be it.

Don’t be afraid to yell it.

We need this oath, not only to protect us from those who wish to destroy us, but to reaffirm who we are for ourselves. We need to claim our identity and feel pride in doing so.

Self affirmation is a powerful thing.


Cabinet to Vote on Loyalty Oath, Mandatory Service
by Maayana Miskin

(IsraelNN.com) The Yisrael Beiteinu party plans to bring a controversial proposal that would require all citizens to vow loyalty to the state to a cabinet vote next week. The bill would also require all citizens to perform military or other national service.

The bill would allow the Interior Ministry to revoke the Israeli citizenship of any person who fails to perform national service and to declare loyalty to “the state of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state.”

If the cabinet approves the measure, Yisrael Beiteinu will bring it to the Knesset, where it will have to pass three votes before going into effect. The law is not believed to have sufficient support to pass a Knesset vote.

The proposal has raised anger among Arab MKs in particular. Several Arab MKs have termed the bill “racist” for allegedly denying Arabs the freedom to form their own, non-Israeli, national identity.

A proposed demand for all loyalty was a central part of the Yisrael Beiteinu campaign, and one of the party's slogans was “No citizenship without loyalty.” The party gained several seats in the elections, becoming the third-largest Knesset faction.

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