Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amona Replay Planned to "Evacuate" Jewish Homes Built on "Palestinian Land." (But This Time, Hundreds Will Be Armed and Ready)


What the hell is “Palestinian Land”????

Do they mean that that land was legally purchased by members of the Israeli Arab community from the Jewish people?

Or, do they mean that the land, which is ALL JEWISH, that was squatted upon by some murdering terrorist sympathizers who now say it belongs to them in an effort to destroy Israel?

I am betting the latter.

And now the Israeli government is throwing around references to Amona! The unnamed official says "We expect the violent scenes from Amona to return. We will do our utmost to minimize the violence, but we will be ready for every possible
scenario." Hmmm. I guess this is a threat?

If I remember correctly, only two of the officers who were particularly violent during the Amona expulsion served six months in jail and were sued by those who were injured—but there were more than 200 brutality cases.

I suggest that this lax justice has puffed-up the pride of the police to such a level that they believe they are completely safe.
But wait! Olmert is no longer in charge, boys!

His corrupt government has been replaced by an equally corrupt but slightly less police-brutality-supportive government headed by Bibi! (In other words, still taking baksheesh, but this time against you instead of for you).

In addition, the level of awareness has increased since Amona, and those attending the protest and demonstration against the destruction of Jewish property, Jewish homes, and Jewish lives will not proceed without a very significant record of the whole process.

Now, my dear unnamed official, the protesters are armed—with hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of video cameras, cell phones, and satellite data transmission equipment.

We will be shooting—hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of hours of film.

Taking cameras and destroying film is so last decade.

Trying to prevent the networks from airing the footage is so last millennia.

You can’t confiscate it all before it is immediately uploaded to cell networks and satellite links and dispersed on Youtube.

We don’t care what NBC, CNN, and MSNBC want to air—this is a new generation, and we get our news from Youtube channels and over facebook.

This time there are too many leaks in the cauldron of information.

This time, we will record ALL of you and your hidden name tags and your Gestapo tactics against our youth.

We will see, record, and disperse every word and translate it for our listeners in fifteen different languages.

We will send it around the world, and we will send it to the very sympathetic Knesset members that we fought to put into office.

Is it really worth it for you to take a punch at one of our youth now?

Is it really worth it for you to relish the idea of stomping the head of our child with a horse or to beat an MK?

This time, the tables will be turned--and you will eat what you dish out.


May 28, 2009 0:06 | Updated May 28, 2009 1:14
6 outposts on Palestinian land soon to be evacuated

The IDF is drafting operational plans to evacuate several West Bank outposts by the end of June, senior defense officials said on Wednesday.

According to preliminary operational plans being formulated in the Central Command, the evacuations will take place over a few days and will likely begin sometime toward the end of next month, after Defense Minister Ehud Barak returns from his scheduled trip to the United States.

Barak issued an official directive to the IDF on Wednesday to finish drafting the plans by the middle of next week, officials said.

Also on Wednesday, officers from the Central Command met with representatives from the Judea and Samaria Police District to discuss the plans. One possibility is that the evacuations will be carried out by the Border Police and the perimeter security will be provided by the IDF, similar to the model used during the evacuation of the illegal outpost of Amona on February 1, 2006, when more than 300 people were injured, the majority of them protesters.

In the first stage, the defense establishment is to evacuate some six illegal outposts that have been built on Palestinian land. These include Ramat Gilad, near Karnei Shomron; Shaked Farm in Samaria; Mitzpe Yosef in the Binyamin Region; and Einot Kedem in the Jordan Valley.

In the second stage, the IDF would begin evacuating some 12 outposts that have been built partly on state land and partly on Palestinian land.

The Defense Ministry's settlement adviser, Eitan Broshi, was given until Barak returns from the US in the second week of June to exhaust a dialogue with the settler leadership, officials said. It was possible that a few of the outposts would be voluntarily evacuated, they said.

The evacuation will need to span several days because of the possibility that security forces will encounter violent resistance at some of the "hardcore" outposts, specifically those in the Northern Samarian Hills, they added.

Another reason is the IDF's need to redeploy forces around the outposts following their evacuation to prevent settlers from rebuilding them. Officials said that this would demand a larger number of soldiers and policemen than were currently deployed in the West Bank.

"We expect the violent scenes from Amona to return," one official said. "We will do our utmost to minimize the violence, but we will be ready for every possible scenario."

Barak told the Labor Party faction this week that the evacuations would be completed by the end of the summer. He said that, out of the 87 West Bank settlement outposts, 26 were illegal.

Although the cabinet in 2005 accepted an independent report from attorney Talia Sasson that identified 105 unauthorized outposts, Barak said on Monday that there were 87 outposts, of which 26 were illegal, and that both he, when he was prime minister, and former prime minister Ariel Sharon had promised the United States that these outposts would be removed.

In the past year, he said, four of them had been removed and one, Migron, was covered by an agreement with the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip to be relocated. He stressed, however, that the evacuation of these outposts had nothing to do with the US, but was an internal Israeli matter regarding rule of law.

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