Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bloomberg Explodes Over "No Mosque at Ground Zero" Remark at Jewish Heritage Dinner


I got a first-person account of this incident just moments after it happened, and I have been scanning the news and the blogs since, waiting for it to be reported.

Of course, it isn't reported (except at Shelomo's own blog, here, and at Atlas Shrugs).

There is an overwhelming and dangerous silence surrounding the Mosque project at ground zero.  No politician wants to go on the record against it.


Don't they understand that this mosque is the victory dance for Jihad?

Confronted over Mosque at Ground Zero, Mayor Explodes 
By  Shelomo Alfassa

While  attending the June 15, 2010 annual invitation-only  Jewish Heritage Dinner at Gracie Mansion, the New  York City mayor's symbolic home, this writer had  an astonishing and unforeseen run-in with Mayor  Michael Bloomberg regarding the proposed controversial  mosque at Ground Zero.

(June  15, 2010) New York's Jewish establishment gathered  for a pleasant kosher barbecue held on the  lush  back lawn of the mayor's graceful 19th century mansion  on New York's Upper East Side. 

When the dinner and  program ended, I walked over to the west side of  the stage, along with a dozen or so others  which  were hoping to get a photo of the mayor. As the  mayor came off the stage, both uniformed and plainclothes  policemen demanded that everyone step back. 

A short  elderly woman with white cottony hair rushed the  security line and begged the mayor for a photo.  Surrendering to her calls for a photo and much to  the chagrin of his security detail, the mayor stopped.  He gathered a small group and said "just   one picture." -"Ok everyone, look into  the camera, look into the camera," the   mayor said with a rushed smile.

At  that moment, I clicked my iPhone camera shutter  and simultaneously exclaimed in a serious but gentle  voice, "MR. MAYOR, NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO!"  

The mayor's face immediately became somber. He  quickly disregarded his elderly constituent and  in a serious tone, while staring me directly in  the eye, leaned forward, pointed to my face and  said matter-of-factly, "If we don't   let them build a mosque, we won't be able to build  a temple!" 

Some in the crowd gasped. I   quickly responded, "But we don't need a   temple-that's not the issue, a mosque is a  symbol  of jihad victory." 

While still standing  in the crowd and amongst his staffers, which attempted  to shuffle him away, the mayor suddenly  lurched  forward, walked right up to me and with a perturbed  voice and stern eyes, said what sounded like "we  need to allow it." 

"But mayor,  this is my field of study, and I am telling you,  they are building it as a symbol of victory over  us." At that time the mayor's staff shuffled  him away but not before the mayor looked back at  me, obviously annoyed that I raised the subject  with him in public. His staffer also asked  me to  "just drop it" as the mayor was whisked  away.

I  was in emergency management for 15 years. For several  years I was a deputy commander of a federal emergency  response team which existed to respond to terrorist  attacks. I was also one of the rescue workers at  Ground Zero. 

Today, I am an historian and my field  of study includes life in Islamic Spain. What the  mayor does not understand, is that a practice associated  with conquering Islamic armies was the construction  of a mosque at the location where their triumphant  battle was won.

There  is a New York based Islamic organization seeking  to build a mosque at the site of the 9/11 attack-an  attack which was carried out by 19 Muslim hijackers  who considered their mission holy war. A Muslim  house of prayer, cemented in the ashes of catastrophe  at the foot of New York's lost Twin Towers, would  be a symbolic victory flag for Muslims who  seek  the destruction of America. 

The mayor needs to realize  that no matter how the construction of a mosque  at 'Ground Zero' may be perceived by well-meaning  Americans, the construction of a mosque on  the spot  where Al-Qaeda brought jihad to the United  States  will unquestionably represent victory to the worldwide  forces of Radical Islam.

Note:  This entire incident was witnessed by many  people  including the media staff of Yeshiva  World News.

Read:   Mosque  at 9/11 Site Would be Jihad Victory Symbol  in the  USA by Shelomo Alfassa


  1. The lack of common sense when dealing with issues such as this astound me. To what end WOULD someone think we need or should allow this mosque?
    Would it be to be politically correct to those that might be offended? How would that help the victim, America, heal? What about those of us who were offended by the act itself? We the People DO NOT need our elected officials in effect to spit in our faces by allowing this travesty!
    I live a couple short hundred miles from ground zero. I know (sadly it is now knew) victims of this evil event known as 9/11. The physical pain I and so many Americans felt and STILL DO FEEL when memories of that day force themselves to the surface are indescribable.
    I/we do not need anything within screaming distance of ground zero unless it flat out praises and honors those of our ranks who died there by the hand of a small group that could only be described as evil.
    If ANY group wishes to build what amounts to be nothing more than a gathering place to promote their personal agenda... Let them build their memorial in the dump where their hearts obviously already reside.
    Let ground zero be left for those without political, religious or personal agendas. Let Ground zero forever remain a place of remembrance for the innocent and those who lost their lives trying to save them!

  2. Shelomo,

    Long time no talk!

    There is a line from the song, "Tradition", "when you're rich, they think you really know." Obviously, you knew and the rich Mayor Bloomberg didn't know.


    A dumb Jew in exile and a fool in denial. Why such nasty terms to describe him? Because not only is he ignorant, he is not willing to learn, and all he understands is the schnorrer culture of Eastern Europe. Rich as he is, he is just another schnorrer shaking the tzedúkeh can for less than reputable causes.

    It doesn't matter how much water and soap he uses in the shower. That schnorrer culture just does not wash away. He can wear $3,000 suits, shave off the beard, cut off the peyess, wear deodorant and sleep with only the prettiest shikses. It doesn't do any good. Only knowledge - painful knowledge - cleanses. And Mayor Bloomberg wants none of THAT.


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