Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ship full of Weapons Seized off of Cyprus


OK, let’s have a show of hands, shall we?

Who thinks weapons that are being smuggled to Hizbullah are for the purposes of hunting game, skeet shooting, and other innocent gun-sports? After all, doesn’t everyone like to hunt game with 107 and 122 mm Katusha rockets? There is nothing quite as satisfying as hitting a goat with some 120mm mortars or a few anti-tank missiles, or fishing with blocks of C4.

Come on, everyone! They just need those weapons for “defensive purposes,” right? They aren’t going to hurt anyone. They just want to protect themselves from the dangerous citizens of Israel, who are constantly massing at the border and trying to attack them. They are constantly trying to make war on the poor palestinian people!

And the scuba gear? Why that was so that they can start a tourist business off the coast—you know, taking small groups of terrorist fighters out to see the beautiful fish on their day off. What’s the problem?


When are we going to wake up and say, “Wow. Maybe Gaza on one side and Hezbullah on the other are arming to attack us at the same time—maybe to distract us while Iran or Syria or Lebanon tries to destroy us completely (probably all three). Why are we so complacent?

Can you imagine what kind of story this would be if US authorities found a ship like that off the US coast? If Britain found such a ship off their coast? If ANYONE else found such a ship????

The constant weapons smuggling isn’t just a game of cat and mouse between the IDF and the terrorists, it is a deadly serious game of war. Every bullet, missile, armor round, mortar, and explosive on that boat is intended to kill a Jew!

Will Obama say anything about it? Hillary? The great EU? No.

Will the world press make a big deal of it? No.

It’s just another “small” problem for Israel. And, of course, it’s all our fault.

If we would just voluntarily jump into the ocean and kill ourselves, there wouldn’t be so many problems for the rest of the world to deal with.

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Iran's History of Weapons Smuggling
by Hillel Fendel

( The interception of the terrorist weapons ship near Cyprus - believed to be an Iranian shipment to Hizbullah – is just another one in a long series of similar attempted deliveries over the past several years.

In December 2001, the Karine-A ship was loaded in Iran with weapons and ammunition destined for Gaza. The ship took off for Egypt, where it planned to unload its cargo into fishing boats that would chug over to the Gaza coast. Israel intercepted the shipment on January 3, 2002, finding 83 specially-coated cases for sea-smuggling purposes, configurable to float at various distances below the ocean surface.

Included in the shipment were 107mm and 122mm Katyusha rockets (capable of reaching major Israeli cities), 120mm mortars, Sager and LAW anti-tank missiles, explosives, anti-tank mines, scuba gear, AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons. The vessel was manned by 13 PLO personnel and at least one person identified with the Lebanese Hizbullah terrorist organization.

Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler also reports on the following:
* In December 2003, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard operated an airlift of weapons to Hizbullah via Syria, under cover of humanitarian aid to the earthquake-ravaged Iranian city of Bam.

* In May 2007, Turkey discovered another Iranian airlift of mortar shells, light weapons, ammunition and rocket launchers, headed for Hizbullah.

* In January of this year, an Iranian shipment of arms was intercepted in Cyprus, including anti-tank shells, artillery shells, mortar shells, and more.

* Last month (October 2009), the Indian Hansa ship, flying a German flag, departed from Iran to Egypt. Suspicious German authorities ordered the ship not to dock in Egypt, but rather in Malta, where they found bullets and industrial equipment for the manufacture of weapons that had apparently been bound for Syria.

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