Tuesday, May 6, 2008

UN School's Science Teacher Moonlighted as Bomb Maker


I know that it always helps to have a science teacher that has practical experience using science in the real world—but this is a bit extreme.

I hope his moonlighting activity was not reflected in his lessons to the boys . . .but I have a feeling it was. How many of his students are now going to be working as the next generation of bomb-builders for jihad?

And, as far as the UN goes—their reputation was already shot. We know what goes on in their “apolitical” institutions of learning. These schools are places where terrorists hang out, where they seek refuge, and now, it appears, where they learn their trade.

Spare us the violins, please. The UN’s mask has long been off, and we have seen the real face of hatred under it’s sequin and feather-festooned “peace” efforts.

UN Gaza Boys' School Headmaster Made Terrorist Bombs
by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) Reuters reports that a terrorist killed in an IAF air strike last week, Awad al-Qiq, actually lived a double life: By day, he was a respected headmaster and science teacher at a United Nations school, but during the night, he built rockets for Islamic Jihad.

The news agency reports that Israel's air strike in southern Gaza last Wednesday not only revealed Al-Qiq's double life, but also "embarrassed a U.N. agency which has long had to rebuff Israeli accusations that it has aided and abetted guerrillas fighting the Jewish state."

Though his family, students, colleagues, and U.N. officials denied knowledge of Qiq's work with explosives, Hamas terrorists hailed him as a martyr who led Islamic Jihad's bomb-making unit. They fired a barrage of Kassam rockets into Israel in response to his death.

A spokesman for UNRWA - the UN Relief and Works Agency, which runs the school in which Qiq taught - told Reuters that it was looking into the matter. "We have a zero-tolerance policy towards politics and militant activities in our schools," he said. "Obviously, we are not the thought police and we cannot police people's minds."

Air Force Eliminates Gaza Terrorist
Arabs from Gaza report that a member of the Hamas military wing, Hisham Shomar, was killed in an Israel Air Force strike early Tuesday morning. Three terrorists were reported wounded. The IDF confirmed the attack on armed terrorists, part of a cell that fired mortar shells at Israel from northern Gaza.

Israel on the Alert: 11 Specific Warnings
In honor of Memorial Day and Independence Day, which fall on Wednesday and Thursday this week, the Defense Ministry has imposed a full closure on the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. The checkpoints will be opened for humanitarian cases.

Israeli intelligence has received 11 specific warnings of intended terrorist attacks, and is on the alert in light of the terrorists' desire to carry out a major attack on Independence Day. The specific warnings cover suicide attacks, shootings, attempted kidnappings, and rocket firings, chiefly from northern Shomron and Gaza. Dozens of "general terrorist warnings" have been received as well.

Kassams Hit Israel
Terrorists from Gaza fired one or two Kassam rockets at Israel on Tuesday, hitting open areas in the Negev.

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